3 Tips to Prep for a Test or Big Game

Worried about your mathematics test or football game against your biggest rival?  What is the best way to prepare for the event?

Here are three tips for performing your best on the big day.

1. Get a good night’s sleep.  

Make sure that you are well-rested on the big day.  This means getting good sleep for several nights before the event.  Read more about good sleep here.

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2. Simulate the test or game situation.

Be prepared for the test or game situation.  Simulate the situation.  That is, create the most similar situation you can and practice.

For example, to prepare for a math test, find a quiet spot, visualize that you are in the classroom, and take a practice test.  To prepare for the football game, imagine that you are going against the other team when you are scrimmaging.  This helps you become more familiar with, and thus more comfortable with the testing or game environment.

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3.  Use positive self-talk and mental imagery.

In order to do well, you must see yourself achieving.  Visualize yourself being calm and collected while taking your math test or being aggressive on the football field.  Be positive when talking to yourself.  For example you may say, “You are prepared!”

Image yourself performing well and tell yourself that you will perform well.  Learn more about how mental imagery and self-talk help improve your performance.

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