Sleep Well for Wellness

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When students and athletes consult with me, I always ask about their sleep because  sleep is a big part of our lives and is instrumental to our performing well.

We all know what it’s like when we haven’t slept well or enough.  — We are not on our game.  We feel like we are dragging.  Yet, when we have had a good night’s sleep, we feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

The science behind sleep is clear.*  We need sleep to restore, learn, and grow.  People need different amounts of sleep and have different sleep cycles, but we all need adequate sleep on a consistent schedule.

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You are not too busy to sleep.

Sleep should be a priority.  It is as or more important than eating healthfully and exercising.  When very sleep deprived, your exercise is less effective.  Your cognition lags.  People are much more effective when they have slept.

‘Cramming for an exam? It is better to get sleep the night before the exam than to stay up late studying.  Your brain needs sleep to file away and organize information.  Go to bed so that you can be alert the next day.

Stick to a schedule

Go to bed and wake up and the same times each day.  This can be tough during weekend, but try not to vary your schedule too much, or you lose sleep effectiveness.

Use a tracking device like the Sleep Cycle app to track your sleep patterns and wake up in your lightest sleep phase.

See more healthy sleep tips at The National Sleep Foundation.

*We will have more scientific information about sleep coming in later blogs, ‘stay tuned.

Sleep well.

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