Sticking to Your Resolution

Have a New Year’s Resolution?  Many people make resolutions to exercise more, but they have trouble getting going towards their goal or don’t stick with it for long.goal

To get and stay motivated, here are two tips:

1- Get Positive

First look at your resolution and think about what really motivates you.  Don’t set yourself up for failure, make sure that it is something you can and want to do.   Create achievable and attainable goals.  Reframe the goal to focus on the process, the actions that you will take to achieve it.

Embrace Optimism.  Image yourself performing well.  For example, visualize yourself showing up at bootcamp and strongly doing those push-ups.  You have to see it to believe it.

smile yoga friends

2- Do it with others

Don’t take on a goal all by yourself, enlist the help of others.  Tell your friends about your goal and work with them towards your goal.  For example, join a running club, exercise class, or a bootcamp.

When you workout with others, you are held accountable for showing up.  Also, partners help push you and encourage you.  It’s more fun to exercise with others and you are more likely to do it.

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