Prevention of Injury in Youth Sports

Injuries are common in youth sports.  With proper training, many injuries can be avoided.

The facts about injuries in youth sports:

48% of young athletes have at least one injury during an athletic season.  65% of these injuries are minor.

Males are slightly more prone to acute injuries such as knee and back pain.

Females are more inclined to severe injuries such as ACL tears.

injury track

To reduce the risk of injury:

Use a training plan that focuses on correcting muscle imbalances and improving weaknesses.  Train to increase force production and improve reaction time.

Two or three times a week for one hour, complete a program that includes:

  • a warm up
  • flexibility
  • mobility
  • plyometrics focusing on change of direction, deceleration, and landing technique
  • strength training focusing on total body strength
  • corrective exercises

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