Simple Funky CPR

CPR training has changed a lot in the last several years, as we have more research on what really works and what doesn’t really matter.  CPR used to be complicated.  People were so concerned about performing CPR correctly or getting a disease, that they hesitated to initiate CPR.

The good news is that CPR is simpler now.  And you are protected under good Samaritan Laws.  Good Samaritan laws vary from state to state, but basically encourage you to respond.  Give care consistent with your training.  If you know the basics of CPR, you are trained.

There are some fun videos out to train people in CPR.

In Canada, over 5,000 people where trained with this zombie video by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

They teach hands-only CPR in 3 steps:

1.  Call 911.

2.  Push hard and fast.  (About twice every second.)

3.  Don’t hesitate.  (You can do harm.)

People are encouraged to start CPR as soon as possible because each second counts.  CPR buys the patient time until Advanced Life Support services arrive.

Some people worry about how fast to pump.  Use the “Stayin’ Alive” beat to help you out.  Here is a great video by Hangover star Ken Jeong and the American Heart Association to help you with the beat.  Note that the AHA also teaches hands-only CPR.

The American Red Cross offers CPR courses across the country.  Get trained in CPR and First Aid, and don’t hesitate to initiative CPR when necessary.

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