3 Online Personality Quizzes

Like those BuzzFeed quizzes? — ‘Wonder what your personality is like?  How do you read people?  What’s your time perspective?

There are so many quizzes online, but few have psychological merit.  I found three that do!  They may not tell you which celebrity you are most like, but they can answer a few questions for you.

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What personality type are you?

The Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on Jungian psychology and Briggs Meyers’ typology and uses four indexes to categorize individuals into one of 16 personality types. Within the four modes of engagement, you fall into one of two poles: you’re either primarily Introverted or Extrovered (I/E), Intuitive or Sensing (N/S), Thinking or Feeling (T/F), and Perceiving or Judging (P/J).  You can take the free short version online.  It’s fun and pretty accurate.  The full test is quite comprehensive and breaks down your score into sub scales that explain each mode better.  For $50, take the complete online version of the assessment here.

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How emotionally intelligent are you?

How well can you read others’ facial expressions, a skill that’s important measure of compassion and empathy?  Try a facial recognition quiz from the University of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to test your aptitude on this marker of emotional intelligence.  Remember that this is just one marker of emotional intelligence, there are other components as well.

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Are you living in the past, present, or future?

The Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory is a questionnaire that quantifies how much you focus on the past, present, or future.  It shows your own time perspective and compares it to a an ideal perspective.  Zimbardo says that we each have a time bias, and his inventory measures this.

These assessments are suggested for entertainment and growth.  Please see a licensed mental health counselor if you are concerned about your mental health.

Summit Performance Consulting LLC has a library of assessments to match the different needs and wants of our clients.  Learning about yourself can be fun and inspiring.  Contact us for more information at 561-325-8363 or Info@SummitPerformanceConsulting.com.

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