3 Holiday Health Tips


I have read countless articles about how to survive the holidays and stick to your exercise and diet.  Looking at them and the research, I’ve narrowed down the suggestions to just three tips.  Keep it simple and remember these three things:

1.  Set priorities and say no.

Think about what is important to you and make priorities.  For example, if you want to spend a lot of time with family, put that into your schedule and follow through.  Say no to things that interfere with your priorities or set limits on other holiday distractions.


2.  Don’t take on new goals.

Yes, a sport and health psychology consultant is suggesting that you don’t take on new goals during the holidays!  There is enough on your plate already.  Stick with your regular exercise plan and diet as much as you can during the holidays.  Make this your goal.

3.  Have a plan for holiday functions.

Go into the holidays prepared for the potential distractions to your plan.  For example, how are you going to navigate the food and drinking at holiday parties?  Sticking to your diet may mean having a snack beforehand and planning what and how much you are going to eat.  If you are trying to avoid alcohol, you may want to carry a non-alcoholic drink and avoid the bar area.


The theme of these three tips is K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple, Silly!

We at Summit Performance Consulting LLC wish you a very happy, safe holiday and thank you for your support.

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