Golf: The Pre-Shot Routine

This week Summit Performance Consulting LLC is celebrating the Honda Classic at PGA National Resort & Spa Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida now until Wednesday, March 1, 2015.  144 players will compete for a purse of $6.1 M, with the winner receiving over $1 M.

Perhaps the most useful technique for gaining control of your golf game is the pre-shot routine.  The best golfers practice their pre-shot routine each and every time they make a shot so that it is consistent.  Look at Annika Sorenstam.  Her routine takes exactly 24 seconds from start to the conclusion of her follow through – and has not varied more than 1 second throughout her 14 years of professional golf!

golf ball flag

I suggest a pre-shot routine that creates a play box and a think box, separated by a decision line.  Imagine a 6ft box that is your play box and a preparation area before it, your think box.

In your think box:

  • Think about your shot lie of the ball, distance to target, wind direction and force, choice of shot, and club selection.
  • Visualize the shot starting – from start to finish
  • Make a swing or two focusing on the feeling that will lead to the desired shot.

Cross over the decision line into your play box.

In your play box:

  • There is nothing to do but execute the shot.
  • Confidence
  • Clear mind
  • Don’t make any adjustments here, execute the shot planned.

A pre-shot routine is a way to get into the zone when you need to and have more control over your game.  Practice your pre-shot routine each and every time so that it is consistent.

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