Getting out of a Slump

In a slump?  Has your team been losing or has your performance been down?  Try these two strategies to boost your motivation and improve your performance.

Use positive self-talk

  • You can do this!”
    • Use “You” or your name instead of “I”
    • Research shows that we are more objective and helpful towards ourselves and perform better when we speak to ourselves as another person would
  • Turn “I should” into “I’d like to.”
  • Use an affirmation/mantra.
    • Sanskrit word “mantra” literally means “instrument for thinking.” As such, these short words or phrases have long been used to focus the mind.
    • Make your mantra short, simple, and energetic.

tennis serve

Visualize yourself performing well

  • You have to see it to believe it.
  • Use guided imagery and mental rehearsal to create a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel.
  • Using the mind, athlete can call up these images over and over, enhancing the skill through repetition or rehearsal, similar to physical practice.
  • With mental rehearsal, minds and bodies become trained to actually perform the skill imagined; both physical and psychological reactions can be improved.
  • Improves ability to perform certain skills under pressure.

Learn more about visualization here.

Get out of your slump and work on your mental game with Summit Performance Consulting LLC and improve your performance.  Contact us for more information at or 561-325-8363.

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