Children in Sports – Benefits

There are many benefits of a young child’s involvement in sport.  Through sports, children learn physical skills, gain an appreciation of physical fitness, and grow emotionally and socially.

Learning Physical Skills

Young athletes learn both fundamental motor skills and sport-specific skills.  These skills can be transferred to other sports and leisure activities, promoting increased participation and involvement.

Appreciation of Fitness

In a specific study of children’s motives for sport participation, children identified “to get exercise” and “to stay in shape” (Ewing & Seefeldt; 1989).  Children are motivated to participate in sports for physical fitness, and, though sports they gain a greater appreciation of the importance of keeping their bodies healthy.

kids karate

Emotional and Social Growth

Participation in sports can provide a sense of belonging.  Through social interaction with  teammates and healthy competition, children grow and mature as individuals. Moral development, discipline, self-confidence, and self-worth are taught through sport.

Mistakes and losing are often a part of sport.  The sport environment should be a safe place to make mistakes and lose so that children learn and build resilience.

kid soccer kick

Learning physical skills, appreciating fitness, and growing emotionally and physically are benefits of children’s participation in sports that can last their lifetimes.

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