5 Free Behavioral Health Apps

Do you want to get in shape, stop smoking, track your moods, be a better boss, or help relax?  There’s a free app for that.

KGA, an employee assistance and human resources program, had their counselors test hundreds of apps and analyze their usefulness.  They identified 10 of the best behavioral health apps.  Out of their 10, here are 5 behavioral health apps that I recommend and that are free.  Click on them for the links.



This is an emotional well-being app that track mood, behaviors, and more.

My Fitness Pal

Track weight goals by logging meals and snacks and exercise.


Quit Smoking 

Using a customizable one-step-at-a-time program that compares your smoking pattern against the statistics of other users, this app gradually weans you off the cigs one day at a time. Track your daily cigarette consumption and manage your urges.

woman break cigarette

Mind Tools 

This app helps you with team management, stress management, and others.  Learn skills to become a better leader.

success boss

Get Some Headspace 

This app is a great way to start meditating.  It features meditation sessions that build from one step to the next.


Choose an app that was tested by the experts and try it out!  If you are serious about improving your performance and reaching your goals, work with Summit Performance Consulting LLC.  Working with a sport psychology consultant helps you stay on track and push your performance to the next level.  Make 2015 your year.  Please contact us for more information at 561-325-8363 or Info@SummitPerformanceConsulting.com.


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