3 Breaths

Do you feel stressed, anxious, or too mellow?

just breathe clouds

Breathing can help you relax, get energized, or prepare for sleep.

Watch these videos to help you learn breathing techniques.


People mostly use breathing techniques to calm them and reduce stress.

Nadi shodhana, shown in this video, decreases blood pressure.

breathing man


You can also use your breath to boost your energy.

Watch a video of an energizing breath technique, Bellows Breath, also known as Bhastrika Pranayama.


Ujjayi, which mimics the way we breathe during sleep. Watch a video of it.

sleeping woman

Breathing is a good way to manage the body’s stress response.  Summit Performance Consulting LLC utilizes biofeedback techniques to help you influence your automatic nervous system.  Contact us for more information at 561-325-8363 Info@SummitPerformanceConsulting.com.

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