This spring, try some “yardworkouts.”  Yardwork workouts get the job done and can be great exercise.  Tackle projects in your yard and burn calories at the same time.

Of course, use proper safety precautions (gloves, protective eyewear) when doing yardwork.  And don’t forget to warm-up and stretch out!  Be mindful of your back, in particular.

Heart in tree

To get in a good workout:

Rake and bag leaves.  Keep your back straight, bend with your knees, and switch hands.  (350-450 calories per hour)

Swing an ax, sledgehammer or other tool. Use an ax to chop wood or a sledgehammer to drive in stakes or crush things.  Use a brush-cutter. (400-600 calories per hour)

Lift heavy things and carry them.  Pick up rocks, logs, cinder blocks, anything heavy … then carry them to another place. Make sure that you lift with your legs!  (400-600 calories per hour)

Push or pull heavy loads. Pushing a heavy wheelbarrow or pulling a loaded sled works too. (300-500 calories per hour)

Lift heavy things and throw them. Pick up a rock or log or whatever you have handy, and throw it. (300-500 calories per hour)

Push a mower. If you really want a workout, use an old push-one. (250-350 calories per hour)

Dig or shovel snow. Switch hands so you get a balanced workout.  (400-600 calories per hour)

Weed.  It is a good workout for your hands and forearms, and it involves lots of squatting, which is great for your legs. (200-400 calories per hour)

Add running, jumping, squats, and lunges. Throw some extra exercises into your yardwork for a better workout.

lunge grass

Depending on how much you weigh and the type of work you do, you can burn 240 to 600 calories per hour doing yard work.  Use Matthews Calorie Counter to see how many calories you burned for your height and weight.

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