Fun is Important

Even the best athletes forget from time to time that having fun can be essential to their success.  When there is pressure on you to perform week in and week out, it’s easy to get forget that you’re here for the love of the game.  But fun is important.

Athletes who enjoy their sport are able to keep things simple.  They don’t over-analyze or over-think their sport.  They understand that fun is the point of playing a sport, no matter how high up you they get.

Have Fun

How can you have more fun AND perform well?

Make fun your goal

Set a goal to enjoy your next next sporting event.  Yes, your goal is to have fun.  Take off your watch at the next race if you have to.  Don’t look at the scoreboard.  Remember why you started your sport and focus on the fun.

Setting a goal to have fun can save you from choking.  When you enjoy the process, you are less likely to over-focus on performance and things you cannot control.

Do it with friends

Friends make sports and exercise more fun.  If you usually work out alone, try training with a friend.  If you are smiling and laughing with your friends, you will get more of the chemicals you need to be happy.

smile yoga friends

When fun is the number one, athletes are able to get into the flow and perform at their best.

In sport and health psychology consulting, you learn the mental toughness secrets for winning that champions know. These practical strategies you can use today to be a confident, mentally tough athlete or coach.  Plus, it’s fun.  To learn more, contact us at 561-325-8363 of at .

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