Victory over Vices

baboon with cigarette

What is your vice?  Each of us have bad habits that we would like to quit.

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Quitting can be difficult because the forbidden fruit often becomes attractive.

Saying no isn’t fun.


So what are the secrets of quitting a bad habit?

Do something else instead.  Take your mind and body away from that habit.  Replace the bad habit with a good one and keep the benefits in mind.

What can you do instead?

  • Look for the positive consequences and focus on them.  For example, if you quit smoking, you won’t spend money on cigarettes and can use that money to buy something else that you like.  Have fun with it.
  • Do an activity that you can’t do if you had the bad habit.  For example, go running or exercise instead of smoking a cigarette.
  • Find replacements for urges.  If you have an immediate urge, try doing something else to keep yourself occupied.  Instead of grabbing a cigarette, grab your water bottle.  women with water and appleAnd don’t keep cigarettes around the house.  Don’t even stop by 7-11 or wherever you buy them.  Why tempt yourself?

woman break cigarette


Do you really want to drop this habit?

  • Motivate yourself by writing a list of the benefits of dropping your bad habit.  Write down the good things you’ll move towards and the bad things you’ll avoid.

time for motivation

Is the time now?

  • Don’t try to take on too much at once.  Focus on one habit at a time.

Get Support

If you are struggling with addiction that affects your ability to cope with everyday life, Summit Performance Consulting LLC recommends working with a mental health counselor licensed in your state.

If you want to better yourself and perform better, Summit Performance Consulting LLC works with athletes and students to break bad habits and build good ones.  Often we work with clients via phone and Skype.

Find out how your performance can benefit from working with Summit Performance Consulting LLC. Contact us at or 561-325-8363 for a free consultation.

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