Good Stress


stress ball

Feeling stressed?  Watch this video by Kelly McGonigal called “How to Make Stress Your Friend.”

She explores new research on our attitude towards stress.  If we can see stress as positive and energizing, we can change how our bodies respond to stress.

McGonigal tells us:

  • Changing how you interpret stress changes your physical reactions.  For example, your blood vessels do not constrict as much.
  • People who think that stress is bad for them are more likely to die from stress-related causes.
  • People spent caring for others don’t see same effects of stress. Take the time to reach out and care for others.

When you are stressed, seek support.  Summit Performance Consulting LLC works with individuals to help them manage stress and perform consistently at their potential.  Learn how we can help you reach your goals.  Contact us at or 561-325-8363.

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