Get Started!

“I just don’t feel like working out,” one of my clients said.

She had gotten into a slump and said that she felt too out-of-shape to enjoy exercising.  She just couldn’t find the motivation to get started again.

‘Sound familiar?  Every athlete has struggled with ups and downs in physical ability and motivation.  Let’s face it, it’s hard to get started again after a slump.

“I should exercise, but I don’t want to,”  said my client.

In sport and health psychology, we analyze what motivates you and what deters you. In this case, the client didn’t enjoy the type of exercise that she was doing, but she thought she “should” exercise.   

My client agreed that the two most important things for her motivation were:

1.  Making it fun.  If you don’t want to do it, you won’t.  

   “Fun is the antidote for apathy.” – AEE

2.  Using positive self-talk and visualization.

For example, stop “shoulding” on yourself.  Instead of saying, “I should exercise,” say, “I’d like to exercise.”  Visualize yourself as a strong athlete achieving your goals.

At Summit Performance Consulting LLC, consultants put together a customized mental skills training plan to help you navigate challenges and build on your strengths.  Learn how to get started and stay motivated.  When you have control of your mental game, you can reach your goals.

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