Beat the Winter Blues with BOSU

Got the winter blues?  Get some exercise!  The BOSU ball is a great piece of exercise equipment that you can use indoors for balance training.  Off the field, the BOSU ball can help improve your agility – and tone your muscles.

bosu ball

Why BOSU?  The name stands for “BOth Sides Up.”

Improve agility.

Hockey, lacrosse, and tennis players can use BOSU balls while stick handling to improve functional balance and agility.  Can you cradle your lacrosse stick while balancing on one leg on a BOSU ball?

Come back from injury.

I used the BOSU ball when coming back from a knee injury.  The BOSU ball helped me built up my muscles again and improve my balance.

I began by balancing on one leg on the BOSU ball.  It’s harder than it looks!BOSU tree

Later, with two BOSU balls, I took a runner’s stance with a foot on each one.  Then, I switched feet and came to a balance again.  Repeat.

Talk with your physical therapist on how to use the BOSU ball to get your strength and balance back.

Tone up.

Incorporate the BOSU ball into your workout.  Look at the examples below.  Learn how to build strength, balance, and flexibility while creating greater body awareness.

BOSU push-up

BOSU push-up

BOSU leg lift

BOSU balance stand

BOSU sit V

Summit Performance Consulting LLC recommends working with a professional before beginning any new exercise program.

Summit Performance Consulting LLC works with athletes and students at all levels of competition.  Often we work with clients via phone and Skype.  Winter blues are normal, but we can help you stick to your goals and beat the blues.

Find out how your performance can benefit from working with Summit Performance Consulting LLC. Contact us at or 561-325-8363 for a free consultation.

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